cap·ti·vate (kap′tə vāt′) -·vat′ed, captivating -·vat′·ing to capture the attention or affection of, as by beauty, excellence, etc.; fascinate; charm

Sep 13, 2012

Spokane Location Details...

Relaxation Massage    
A classic Swedish style, ideal for providing relaxation, stress reduction and an overall feeling of well being.                

30min - $35.00          60min - $60.00          90min - $85.00

Therapeutic/Deep Tissue Massage
Have a specific muscle issue, recovering from an injury or just a massage connoisseur? This is the massage for you. Prices differ slightly if you are using your medical insurance benefits. If not, prices are the same as above!

Heated Stone Massage
Join us for a wonderfully relaxing journey with a hot stone massage. Hot stones promote deep muscle and tissue relaxation, alleviate stress, release toxins, relieve pain, improve circulation and calms your psyche...Who wouldn't want to try it?! (especially delightful during winter months)

90min - $100.00

Pregnancy Massage
We offer both side-lying approach (with pillows and bolsters) and pregnancy pillow technique (which allows mommy to lie on her tummy without disturbing the little one). Prenatal massage can aid in the decrease of hip/pelvic pain, increase circulation to swollen legs/feet, improve digestion, reduce fatigue and will certainly alleviate stress!

60min - $60.00        

Punch Cards

(3) 60 minute Massages - $165.00
(5) 60 minute Massages - $275.00
(10) 60 minute Massages - $550.00

We Accept Most Insurances! Why pay full price when you can use your insurance benefits!
Call today and we will verify benefits for you. 

Hour include
(call or "Schedule Now" for openings)