cap·ti·vate (kap′tə vāt′) -·vat′ed, captivating -·vat′·ing to capture the attention or affection of, as by beauty, excellence, etc.; fascinate; charm

Feb 14, 2011

Hear what some of our clients have to say about us!

“AMAZING! Both girls are great! They have great prices and accept almost all insurances. Highly recommended! They took care of my stiff neck from typing at my computer all day!” 

         -      Debbie S.

Captivating Massage is a relaxing and simply wonderful experience. I have been a client for 2 years now and my bimonthly massages are incredible. I simply can’t live without them! Kaylee and Alaina are truly talented massage therapists who genuinely care about their clients. They create the atmosphere you are looking for in a relaxing massage.  I highly recommend them to everyone!
-          Karina R.

I work at a desk all day and Alaina’s massages really help loosen my stiff back. The friendly and soothing atmosphere is a great way to conclude my work week.
-          Jason